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Nicosia - North Cyprus


18 Jan

Cyprus Daily Rental

Daily rental flats are preferred by thousands of people for the tax advantage, favorable location they offer, and accommodation capacity for multiple individuals.  Entrance and exit hours are clearly stated.  Persons are obligated to abide by these times.  Furthermore, individual’s freedom of movement is restricted by the meal hours determined by the rules.  No matter how luxurious the hotel is, it would not accept a second guest.  Extra fee would be charged for the guest who visits your room.  Such circumstances are not experienced with Cyprus daily rental options.  Whether the person rents a villa or an apartment flat, her/his freedom of movement is only restricted by her/his own choices.

 You Can Enter The Pool Whenever You Want

            In hotels, there are restrictions applied in all areas including the use of pools.  After a certain hour, people are not allowed to enter the pool.  However, there are no such restrictions in the Cyprus daily rental option.  You can rent any place you want and stay as long as you desire in Cyprus, which attracts an influx of tourists from all over the world.  If you need to stay in Cyprus due to certain obligations, such as business trips, exploration or hospital visits, you may prefer houses where you can freely move without feeling restricted by rules.

 Appropriate for Staying with Multiple People

            In daily rental flats, the price is paid for the whole flat.  This means that more than one person can stay in the same flat without extra charge.  Depending on your preferences, you and your relatives are welcomed to stay in the same flat.  When each individual pays his or her share of the rent for the flat, you would be able to benefit from the Cyprus daily rental options for much cheaper.  Staying in flats, or depending on your preferences, in villas has many advantages.  In the flats, where you can determine your entrance and exit hours, there is also a kitchen where you can cook your food.  As such, you are able to do whatever you want whenever you want.

 There are no Minimum Number of Days Restriction

            In most hotels in Cyprus, there is a restriction regarding the minimum number of days you can stay.  Persons cannot stay as long as they want.  The options for staying in the hotels, which are usually offered in minimum 2 nights and 3 days packages, cannot meet the demands of those who require staying for one night.   This may result in paying for 2 full nights even if you do not stay as long.  There is no restriction on minimum number of days one can stay in daily rental flats.  The person can stay one night or more than one night depending on her/his preferences.

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