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Nicosia - North Cyprus


18 Jan

Boutique Hotels in Nicosia

Nicosia is the capital of both the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Greek Cypriot Administration Of Southern Cyprus.  This region is the only divided capital of the World.  As an outcome of being the capital city, Nicosia is also known to be one of the commercial, cultural, and industrial centers of the island.

            As they are close to the city center, the boutique hotels in Nicosia provide room and breakfast services.  Since their location is very central, restaurants, bars, entertainment venues are nearby and even in walking distance.  If we consider these hotels as businesses, we can describe them as special venues, which are operated by owners, create the impression of home instead of a hotel on the customers, where customers have the opportunity to talk to the manager directly, which have a style and its own aura, and which provide a special atmosphere.

They would make us feel at home during our vacation.  These flats characteristically have high comfort, well trained personnel, free wi-fi, unique decoration, and less number of rooms.  It is like transferring the comfort of home to the vacation towns.  In terms of market prices, they are more affordable than hotels.  They are decent places which fit every budget and where you can feel relaxed and safe thanks to one-to-one attention of the personnel.  As it is always the case with vacation mentality, it is possible to arrange your vacation for very affordable prices through early reservation.  There are many services provided customers such as daily newspapers, parking lots, laundry and drying services, a la carte restaurants, air conditioners, and Internet.

 Boutique hotels in Nicosia offer you the opportunity for a great vacation with their central location, hospitality, human-centric approach, and affordable prices.

 Boutique hotels in Nicosia help you to have an unforgettable vacation experience with the home comfort, hospitality, attention, and direct communication they provide.  With their close proximity to the center, the boutique hotels let you easily reach sightseeing locations and other significant venues.

In Nicosia, historical and cultural artifacts such as the Saint Sophia Cathedral, The Grand Caravansary, The Grand Turkish Bath, Dervish Pasha Mansion, Mevlevi Lodge Museum, Barbarism Museum, and Arab Ahmet Pasha Mosque can be visited. It is a very active city with a very colorful and spectacular night life, entertainment venues, casinos, bars, and gambling houses.  As it has strong cultural and historical bonds with our country and is known as the foster land of Turkey, you would be welcomed by the warmness and sincerity of local people and feel at your home’s comfort during your vacation.

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