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Nicosia - North Cyprus


18 Jan

Northern Cyprus Hotels

Commonly known as the foster land, Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus is recognized as a state by our country since 1974.  Cyprus, which is preferred by tourists for its historical and social beauties, has revolutionized the service concept with its hotels.  Northern Cyprus Hotels, working in collaboration with their casinos, attract the attention of tourists from all segments of society.  The country, which provides sea, sand, and sun services limitlessly, is only accessible through airways and seaways as it is an island.  There are direct international flights to Cyprus from Turkey, while visitors can also travel to Cyprus by the ferries departing from the Mersin port.  Ferry travel is the only option for the passengers who travel with their vehicles.

Budget-Friendly Hotel Options

With the hotels it features, the Northern Cyprus appeals to all segments of the society.  The hotels, which offer services to all social classes according to their budgets, are available with more affordable prices through early reservation.  Famous for its night life and casinos, the Northern Cyprus is also preferred for its natural and historical qualities.  For vacation purposes, different packages are offered for different types of tourism.  The Northern Cyprus hotels, which gained recent popularity for cultural visits, are categorized based on their qualities.

Purpose-based Vacation Options

Travel agencies provide consultancy services tailored for the type of vacation demanded.  Personalized packages are prepared and offered to customers.  Vacation purposes vary from one person to another.  Cultural tours are not preferred by some customers as they involve intense traveling and sightseeing.  Choosing the right hotel is important for those who prefer the sea, sand, and sun vacation.  Classified according to the stars they have, the Northern Cyprus hotels offer rooms priced according to the different services provided.  Quoted prices represent the quality of service to be expected.  The price and benefit balance should be ensured, and the visitors should have the services they pay for.

All-Inclusive Hotel Concept

In the all-inclusive accommodation option, adherence to the hotel is common.  Since all services are included in the price and available in house, customers do not want to get out of the hotel.  This situation has a negative impact on the businesses such as boutique hotels, restaurants etc., which provide services out of the hotel.  As all services are provided within the hotel, incoming tourists do not make extra plans for outside the hotel.  This is one of the negative aspects of the all-inclusive hotel.

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