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Nicosia - North Cyprus


18 Jan

Nicosia Hotel Prices

Attracting an influx of Turkish tourists, Nicosia hotels direct the attention of those who would prefer a vacation in their home countries to Cyprus with the peerless advantages they offer.  The hotels in Nicosia impress with their social activities and unique features.  Accommodation prices for the hotels in the region are comparable to the prices of domestic hotels.  The hotels, which provide possibilities to complete your reservation for much more affordable prices during early reservation periods, can make your vacation much more enjoyable with different opportunities such as ‘stay 6 nights, pay 5 nights’ options.

Special Opportunities for Honeymoon Couples

Many couples who decide to spend their honeymoon in Cyprus can benefit from the special discounts offered to them.  Those who wish to spend their honeymoon in the meeting point of the sea, sand, and the sun can experience unforgettable moments thanks to the hotels with ultra all-inclusive concepts.  In the hotels, where alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages can be consumed without limit, games of chance can also be played.  This way, guests have the chance to transform their hobbies into fun activities.  With their affordable prices, Nicosia hotels attract visitors not only from Turkey but also from many other places of the world.  The hotels in the region meet all the needs of their visitors in house, without requiring them to get out of the hotel.  Thanks to the packages offered by Nicosia hotels, which include flight prices along with accommodation, flight tickets no longer become an issue.  Special tours can be organized to introduce the region to the domestic and international tourists.  Nicosia hotels, which offer transportation service from the airport by their VIP vehicles, promise a unique vacation experience.

Luxury for Affordable Prices

Nicosia hotels, which provide luxury for affordable prices, all have outstanding qualities.  The hotels, which offer special activities such as aqua park, special animation team, fitness center, and children’s play room for ensuring a comfortable vacation for their visitors, are preferred due to their more affordable prices when compared to other travel destinations.  Nicosia hotel prices become much more appealing with the promotions offered in certain seasons.  You can visit the hotels, which offer special discounts for the groups during early reservation, by yourself or with your family.  The hotels of different categories appeal to different family types.   In Cyprus, the meeting point of entertainment, exploration, and vacation, the hotels, which include facilities for many sports from golf to volleyball, offer an unforgettable vacation experience.  Tourists who came to Nicosia once, plan to come back again the next year.

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