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Nicosia - North Cyprus


18 Jan

Nicosia Hotels

When it comes to vacation, there are many options and cities.  Nicosia is among the first to come to mind in terms of the sea, sand, and the beach.  This beautiful city of the foster land Cyprus is the perfect option for vacation.  Walking on its beautiful and safe streets is essential for local residents as well as for tourists of all ages.  You can enjoy the sea, sand, and the sun on its excellent beaches.  In Nicosia, which has a lively night life, many casinos and entertainment venues are in service.  It also has venues that can be considered shopping heavens.  With its shopping malls and restaurants, Dereboyu Street is worth a visit.  You should not waste the opportunity to buy handcraft, glass products and halloumi cheese.  There are many festivals organized throughout the year. These festivals that would enhance the quality of your vacation are among the entertainments the city offers.  When you visit to see such beauties, you can find many hotels to meet your accommodation needs.  First things that come to mind when we say Nicosia hotels;

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